Located in the lower Hudson Valley in New York, we welcome garden groups and individuals to come visit our arboretum-botanical garden. It is 20 years in the making, with several specific collections like the nut grove, Chinese garden, Japanese garden, and American garden, in addition to a diverse collection of unusual edibles, and hardy cactus...to name a few. 

We have the most diverse selection of plants to be found in Ulster County. 

If you ever wanted to see how a botanical garden begins, this is a good place to visit. 

Tree ID for Common Native and Non-Native Woody Plants

Levi O’Brien loves to teach people about trees. He is a garden and arborist consultant. Levi went to SUNY 
Environmental Science and Forestry, is an ISA certified arborist, and is currently faculty at the 
New York Botanical Garden where he teaches botany and woody plant courses. 

Saturday October 8th

Fee- $20

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Levi showing different Birch leaves at Hortus arboretum.

Asimina triloba (American Pawpaw)
The Garden Conservancy

The Garden Conservancy

Virtual Talk 11-3-22


Cold-Hardy Fruits and Nuts

Cold-Hardy Fruits and Nuts is a one-stop compendium of the most productive, edible fruit-and nut-bearing crops that push the boundaries of 
what can survive winters in cold-temperate growing regions. While most nurseries and guidebooks feature plants that are riddled with pest problems 
(such as apples and peaches), veteran growers and founders of the Hortus Arboretum and Botanical Gardens, 
Allyson Levy and Scott Serrano, focus on both common and unfamiliar fruits that have few, 
if any, pest or disease problems and an overall higher level of resilience.

With beautiful and instructive color photographs throughout, the book is also full of concise, clearly written botanical and cultural information 
based on the authors’ years of growing experience. The fifty fruits and nuts featured provide a nice balance of the familiar and the exotic: 
from almonds and pecans to more unexpected fruits like maypop and Himalayan chocolate berry. 
Cold-Hardy Fruits and Nuts gives adventurous gardeners all they need to get growing.

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Garden tours include Edible Landscaping, Native Plants, Bog Planting, 

Hardy Cactus and Succulents, Vegetable gardening, 

as well as the History of Hortus Arboretum and Gardens, and more! 

Please contact us directly at the link below for more details.  


                                                     ***We are also available for talks and visual presentations off-site.***

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